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Woodley is squandered, staring doe-eyed at James' hunky love interest as events spiral out of control around her.
Al-Jubouri said in a speech addressed to the demonstrators: that the House of Representatives will allocate the next meeting to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and to identify time ceilings for their implementation," adding, that the demonstrators demands are legitimate and can not be ignored, it is necessary to end the presence of the corrupt who have squandered and stole the bounties of the country.
Real Letting rip on his Kicca blog, he believes his legacy was squandered by former manager Andre Villas-Boas.
The latest report has surveyed up to BD400m in squandered public money for the last two years," said parliament financial and economic affairs committee member Mohammed Al Ahmed.
What about the money squandered making these dangerous crossings and the money that will be squandered putting them right?
Summary: Manchester City squandered an early lead as they were beaten 3-1 by Hamburg in the first leg of their Uefa Cup quarter-final.
Power currently being abused and squandered by those who should protect us.
5 billion has been squandered on botched or delayed Government IT projects since 1997.
After two initial hearings that focused on inadequate on-track insurance coverage to compensate disabled riders, the guild sued Gertemenian and former Chief Operating Officer Albert Fiss to try to recover money the union alleges its former leaders squandered.
Labour squandered much of the first round, and left us so poor that we qualified the second time around.
5 billion to keep the system running, just weeks after The Washington Post revealed that officials had squandered about $1 billion in recent rail car and escalator contracts.