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While I squandered floods of gold upon my caprices, no memory of the past had ever bidden a single drop to fall in her home to help mother and child to live; but she had been content to weep, and had not cursed me; she had looked upon her evil fortune as the natural punishment of her error.
Glegg; and I've saved it, and added to it myself, and had more to put out almost every year, and it's to go and be sunk in other folks' furniture, and encourage 'em in luxury and extravagance as they've no means of supporting; and I'm to alter my will, or have a codicil made, and leave two or three hundred less behind me when I die,--me as have allays done right and been careful, and the eldest o' the family; and my money's to go and be squandered on them as have had the same chance as me, only they've been wicked and wasteful.
I would leave her--not with resources which could be easily spent or squandered away, but with what would place her beyond the reach of want for ever.
Islamabad -- Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has squandered Rs worth millions on deputation officers by conducting training programs.
BAGHDAD / Nina / Speaker of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri announced on Friday that he will be assigned the next session of parliament to discuss the demands of the demonstrators and set time limits for their achievement, stressing the importance of ending the existence of the corrupt who have squandered the money of the Iraqi people.
An reF And Redknapp, who resigned as QPR boss in February, with Rangers heading for relegation, claimed Tottenham squandered PS120million from the sales of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric to Real Madrid.
MANAMA: Probe committees will investigate criminal violations involving BD400 million of squandered public money.
Probe committees have been set up to established the alleged squandering of BHD400 million detailed in a National Audit Control 2013-14 report which detailed allegations that the Health Ministry squandered funds (20 violations noted), as did the Foreign Ministry (19 violations; BHD3.
Bo'ness looked like adding to their lead when they were awarded a penalty after Mark Cowan was sent tumbling but that opportunity was also squandered, Will Snowdon firing his shot over the bar.
Summary: The financial prosecutor launched an investigation Wednesday into allegations that a contracting company squandered public funds in the renovation of Roumieh Prison.
Mr Healey said: "The need for low-cost, rented social homes has never been higher, but ministers squandered PS1million of public money on this vanity policy.
But that doesn't stop some people dredging up the few, very few, cases of those who have come to grief or allegedly squandered their fortune.