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Not even when death transcends the realm of representation and terminates D'Annunzio's actual vivere inimitabile does it truncate the circularity of the self-conscious, auto-affective squanderer.
The second principle is that inequality of possession, which follows as a natural and necessary consequence from the difference between lazy people and squanderers on the one hand and the industrious and moderate spenders on the other hand, should not pass a certain limit but always remain within a certain boundary.
Meanwhile, across the Pennines at Ewood Park, just like the image of Southgate the squanderer, another myth was being shattered.
adventurers, radical atheists, squanderers, radical
39) In 1635 a member of the governor's council in Maryland described servants as "the scum of the people taken up promiscuously as vagrants and runaways from their English master, debauched, idle, lazy squanderers, jailbirds and the like.
BOSTON -- The Red Sox have been a very efficient team during their quest for the 2013 American League East title, but they were squanderers on Thursday night.
Pampinea's introduction to her tale of the three Florentine squanderers employs a Dantean lexicon to express a view of fortune patterned after Dante's: those who think they can gain any control over fortune are "creature sciocche" ("foolish creatures" Inf.