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If misers are the mystical Mammon worshipers, squanderers are the Mammon pietists.
The result brings a whole lot of wastage and public chaos which compels us to become great squanderers.
An artist of Hungarian/Bohemian origins, he deems the dark side as being anathema to the feckless, lovelorn squanderers who landed on Plymouth Rock--corrupt officials steeped in a bogus religiosity, all figure and no ground.
Married women, along with "the feebleminded, squanderers noted by court, libertines [and] debtors whose property is in bankruptcy" were not allowed to own property.
As can easily be imagined, the oil crisis brought with it a different attitude to motorway programmes, seen no longer as a driving force for desirable modernisation but as elephantine projects that encouraged the use of cars, huge squanderers of petroleum.
The mystery of how a team can go from Ashes-grabbing heroes to meek squanderers of Test matches is solved.