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The minister also alleged that Kreidieh was overstepping his jurisdiction and legal responsibilities, "squandering public money" as a result.
The post Lawyer accuses UCy rector of squandering public funds appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Controversy erupted following the appointment of Abdel Hamid as the new Cairo governor, after media outlets claimed that he was involved in squandering public funds and had to reconcile with the Illicit Gains Authority to avoid prison time.
Mrs Foster said: "No more squandering money on Irish medium schools which cater for as few as 14 pupils.
He said in a press conference today : "al-Maliki responsible for squandering $ 27 billion during his tenure as prime minister for two consecutive terms in addition to the period of caretaker government.
Probe committees have been set up to established the alleged squandering of BHD400 million detailed in a National Audit Control 2013-14 report which detailed allegations that the Health Ministry squandered funds (20 violations noted), as did the Foreign Ministry (19 violations; BHD3.8m), Education Ministry (12 violations; BHD4.4m), Transportation Ministry (one violation; BHD8.8m) and Culture Ministry (17 violations; BHD2.1m in squandered money and other unspecified and unaccounted for amounts).
He said that his bloc would co-ordinate with other MPs to question ministers singled out for repeated irregularities and flagrant squandering of public money.
Brussels, Jumada I 26, 1433, Apr 18, 2012, SPA -- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will be "squandering his last chance" if he fails to comply with a peace plan brokered by international envoy Kofi Annan, dpa quoted US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as warning on Wednesday.
But along comes some Lotto winner who's only ever had an old banger and bags a Ferrari, or begins to spend, spend, spend, and THAT chums is squandering.
Summary: The Giza Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced former Prime Minister Atef Ebeid and former Agriculture Minister Youssef Wali to 10 years in prison for selling the protected nature reserve of Bayadeya Island in Luxor, thereby squandering more than LE700 million of public funds.
Unbelievably the second set adopted the same strange pattern, although this time it was Murray who took the lead and was then pegged back after squandering opportunities.
'The government performance will undergo major changes, regarding auditing and control procedures, to track down and combat squandering of public money,' HRH the Premier said in a statement following the Cabinet meeting.