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Now tie a square knot and cut off the excess Nymo (Figure 7).
When performing gynecologic surgery, two granny or sliding knots followed by a square knot will slide deep in the pelvis and hold without overdoing it, said Dr.
Simply tie a square knot ("right over left, left over right") in a Bungee cord to make a loop for your hammer.
Stamping press: The Rock's latest wrestling hold, similar in effect to the Spinal Square Knot Squeeze, but with the added embellishment of mashing your opponent's pancreas with your foot.
Take that end of the string and the finishing end and tie them together with a square knot in the string grove on the outer swingarm upright (figure 12).
In the macrame section, you'll learn a half-hitch knot and a double half-hitch knot, along with the square knot and the half knot.