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The Blue Oval has always got the pounds and pence side of the equation squared away and that has driven fleet sales quite agreeably but family buyers looking for something distinctive have often found pickings a bit slim.
If you've got a crucial task to complete, block out time for it before breakfast tomorrow and get it squared away.
All locations were squared away when, two weeks before principal photography, the 2013 government shutdown sealed off all national parks.
Two important things to bring to any class you plan on attending is a good attitude and squared away gear.
My biggest struggle was moving to the UK, getting |everything squared away, leaving everything I knew in Seattle and starting a new life in the UK at 30 years old.
We need to get our organization squared away, reach out to customers and let them know we are back as sole owners of the company.
It takes time to get squared away when changes--are made
We're finally starting to jell -- our bats came alive in this game and we're getting our pitching squared away,'' Whitman-Hanson coach Dave Fouracre said.
All I need is your account number and we'll get it squared away immediately.
Squared Away can be sentimental when it's not delivering hard-hitting insights into the dark sides of war and politics, yet always maintains Trudeau's characteristic wry twist when chronicling the most serious of issues.
He was said to have been squared away with PS65,000 by an Indian bookie.
A friend revealed: "Ryan is confident he can have the Inland Revenue squared away within a year.