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When it comes to gear, you are well advised to have your weapon and everything else you bring squared away and familiar to you well before the class.
We need to get our organization squared away, reach out to customers and let them know we are back as sole owners of the company.
It takes time to get squared away when changes--are made
All I need is your account number and we'll get it squared away immediately.
Squared Away can be sentimental when it's not delivering hard-hitting insights into the dark sides of war and politics, yet always maintains Trudeau's characteristic wry twist when chronicling the most serious of issues.
A friend revealed: "Ryan is confident he can have the Inland Revenue squared away within a year.
As the words themselves imply, the Squared Away initiative will communicate the clear and positive action that is required of corporations and individuals alike to support our men and women in uniform through the career transitions, physical and emotional struggles and financial challenges they face as a direct result of their service to our country.
Another way Egan spares VMware costs associated with BYOD is that the company does not provide technical support for employee-owned mobile devices beyond helping them get squared away with security and management technologies like its Horizon device management solution.
com)-- So Squared Away, a professional organizing small business based in Andover, Mass.
After months of negotiations, that was all squared away Tuesday, leaving the door open for the deal announced Wednesday.
Halsey said he had had no stake in the property since he and Burrow parted ways as partners in 2009 and that his liability on the Focus debt was squared away.
LSCM Richard Kessler had a large impact aboard the Enterprise, as SHCM Steve Robinson said that he was one of those "been there, done that" Master Chiefs, and kept his many Sailors squared away, and left some very big shoes to fill.