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Mexico: Police and army troops squared off with presumed hitmen working for drug traffickers in two deadly incidents in Mexico that left 11 gunmen dead, authorities said Saturday.
However, he is best remembered as the defense attorney in the Scopes "monkey" trial of 1925, where he challenged Tennessee's anti-evolution law and squared off with creationist defender William Jennings Bryan in a famous debate on the witness stand.
Then the proto punks squared off in a head up with the pride of Samoans and you can pretty much guess the result.
Here, the long side of the cocoon has been squared off and glazed to create a huge vitrine and cantilevered terrace, maximising light and views.
The United States and Canada recently squared off aggressively over a dispute about rights to the popular walleye fish that roam rivers and lakes near the Manitoba-Minnesota border.
Petersburg squared off against the School of American Ballet from New York City.
Universal CityWalk mixologists squared off in the "Battle of the Bartenders" to decide who could create the very best "mocktails" and promote responsible holiday hospitality.