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I saw what they were after, and gathering myself together I "sakked" with such marvelous success that I cleared a good hundred and fifty feet; nor did I this time, lose my equilibrium, but landed squarely upon my feet without falling.
As Rose forced herself to face this squarely, something within her crumpled.
Of course, nobody had ever doubted his perseverance; but it takes something more than perseverance to fight New York fairly and squarely, and win.
he says to the trooper, squarely standing faced about towards him with his broadsword in his hand.
As I turned to meet this new enemy an object passed over my shoulder, striking one of my assailants squarely in the face and knocking him senseless to the sward.
On one side, the rich quarter stands squarely with its airy and lofty houses, laid out in regular order; on the other, is huddled together the poor quarter, a miserable collection of low hovels of a conical shape, in which a poverty-stricken multitude vegetate rather than live, since Kouka is neither a trading nor a commercial city.
There they plant themselves squarely, cut themselves gardens from the fields, and take their ease.
She stood, squarely on both feet with her hands clasped behind her head.
By accident the noose fell squarely about the running ape's neck, bringing him to a sudden and surprising halt.
We ask you fairly and squarely in a dignified manner.
Still, as I look back now over the entire period of our freedom, I cannot help feeling that it would have been wiser if some plan could have been put in operation which would have made the possession of a certain amount of education or property, or both, a test for the exercise of the franchise, and a way provided by which this test should be made to apply honestly and squarely to both the white and black races.
She swept her hand over the faded sheet, and drew herself up squarely to the table as if she refused to waste time any longer.