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It is hugely important for the balance of the whole complex and makes a worthy foil to the squareness of the court, subscribing to an old architectural rhetoric of gathering people for a unified event, as with a medieval chapter house or Greek theatre.
Beams and structural shapes are cut with a modern, high-speed saw for accuracy and squareness.
Both types of defects are normally invisible to the eye, but cause downstream coating defects and reduced panel efficiency -- Panel width, length and squareness measurement -- Integrated panel thickness and warp measurement.
Ensuring flap squareness, consistent sealing and oversized product handling, it can close up to 120 cartons per minute.
Women with square faces should choose asymmetric hats or hats with a brim that dips to help soften the shape of the face and take away any squareness.
This lack of squareness between the axes is referred to as transit tilt and is also a common theodolite error source.
Long, choppy bangs soften up the squareness for a modern edgy style," says Mario.