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Even Vaganova teachers who praise squareness say there is an acceptable degree of hip opening based on your body type.
But while Samson's initial rhythmic squareness and ostinati melt yieldingly as Act I evolves, Nixon hangs on to its chugging motors for over an hour.
8 -- Pinpoint Laser Systems has introduced the Pinpoint Proline Alignment Kit, a visual laser system for checking and measuring straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, leveling, and many other tasks.
Use the panel saw's built-in stress relieving capability, such as Stressfite, to eliminate the chance for banana bow, which can throw off dimension and squareness.
Beams and structural shapes are cut with a modern, high-speed saw for accuracy and squareness.
2D codes have far more parameters such as the squareness and uniformity of the grid and it may be important to check that a particular software package supports the required grading standard.
Ensuring flap squareness, consistent sealing and oversized product handling, it can close up to 120 cartons per minute.
Women with square faces should choose asymmetric hats or hats with a brim that dips to help soften the shape of the face and take away any squareness.