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The width and length of the boards were measured with the precision of 1 mm, according to the requirements of EN 822:1997, and the squareness with the precision of 0.
Women with square faces should choose asymmetric hats or hats with a brim that dips to help soften the shape of the face and take away any squareness.
Long, choppy bangs soften up the squareness for a modern edgy style," says Mario.
The car uses the squareness of its appearance to carry five passengers and a decent amount of luggage with the wheels pushed out to the far corners to aid packaging.
0005 and squareness, flatness and parallelism tolerances of [+ or -] .
A range of optics enables highest precision interferometer determination of a machine's linear, angular, flatness, straightness, and squareness measurements to international checking standards.
I thought of this again walking through the ROM, and stepping from the old galleries into the new--from the reassuring squareness of the historic buildings, into the thrilling angles and crackling spaces of the new addition.
As a final check of squareness, measure the distance across diagonally opposite corners of these frames.
One-piece nut construction flanges provide built-in accuracies for concentricity, squareness, and straightness; and integral nylon wipers at each end of the nut protect against contamination.
The new Right Angle Alignment Kit, for use in factories and manufacturing facilities, combines the company's Laser Microgage with a new 90-Line Optical Squaring attachment for checking the squareness and parallelism of machinery.