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Passing among the players already at their stations the two took their places upon their respective squares.
On this point the defence of the Square seems to me to be impregnable.
The opening was perfectly square, and about big enough to admit a goat.
The base of these (3) with a third added (4) when combined with five (20) and raised to the third power furnishes two harmonies; the first a square which is a hundred times as great (400 = 4 X
At the two-yard peg she faced round, and said, 'A pawn goes two squares in its first move, you know.
I reckoned our coach to be about a square of Westminster-hall, but not altogether so high: however, I cannot be very exact.
Those of the magistrates who preside over contracts, indictments, and such-like, and also over the markets, and the public streets near the square, or some public way, I mean the square where things are bought and sold; for I intended the other for those who are at leisure, and this for necessary business.
The young couple had a house near Berkeley Square and a small villa at Roehampton, among the banking colony there.
The name of this gentleman, who had then resided some time at Mr Allworthy's house, was Mr Square.
Very well, my worthy harpooner, if some vertebrate, several hundred yards long, and large in proportion, can maintain itself in such depths-- of those whose surface is represented by millions of square inches, that is by tens of millions of pounds, we must estimate the pressure they undergo.
At the very moment the two young men appeared at the end of one of the streets leading to the square, they perceived, crossing the square at full gallop, a young man on horseback, whose costume was of surprising richness.
When they reached the end of the Vozdvizhenka Street they halted and drew in the Square.