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Just think--ballroom dancing used to be the squarest thing imaginable, the pastime of old ladies with too much time on their hands.
And every mile another road intersects the one you're on at the squarest of right angles.
13 The Bill; 14 Chris Tarrant; 15 Richard Madeley; 16 The Cosby Show; 17 Audrey; 18 Somebody Stole My Girl; 19 Crackerjack; 20 Holly Walsh; 21 Vexed; 22 Lucy Punch And Toby Stephens; 23 Moonlighting; 24 Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis; 25 Everybody Loves Raymond; 26 The Great British Bake Off; 27 Sue Perkins and Mel Gledroyc; 28 Digging For Britain; 29 The Larkins; 30 Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers.
QWHAT was the Scottish castle featured in the edition of Amish: The World's Squarest Teenagers on August 8?
Alan Amish: World's Titchmarsh's Squarest Walks of Fame: Teenagers Twiggy (7.
Channel 4's amish: World's Squarest Teenagers was a real insight into the different lives of our teenagers and those of the amish youngsters.
The concept sees a set of Amish youths visiting Britain in a follow-up to Channel 4's "reverse anthropology" series, World's Squarest Teenagers.