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While some find the squat, squarish profile quite masculine, others find it downright ugly.
There are square dials on the dash, square controls for the stereo and heating, a square knob on the gear stick, square oddments trays, square interior door handles, square speakers, square headrests, squarish headlights and a funky square pattern embossed on the upholstery of the firm and supportive seats.
We're talking those squarish floppy things with lots of words sprinkled on pages, kind of like iPads, only limper.
Squarish, tapering and ovoid arch forms were determined on two hundred and fifty maxillary casts by applying two different methods (Mathematical formula proposed by Noroozi3 and using diagnostic orthoform templates marketed by 3M Unitek.
That results in a sectioned paper with lots of color availability, about the size of a typical tabloid but not as squarish in shape.
In deference to the wishes of the rest of us - political correspondents, who knew what the impact would be in the capital of a state then ruled by the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance - he did water it down to a small squarish 8 multiplied 6 size item.
In the first squarish room, large screens act as walls.
Perhaps less showbiz but nonetheless just as important, eatthechef is helping North West baker Warburtons launch its Sandwich Revolution with their new Squarish Wraps and Thins - hip baseball caps a personal option, of course.
Of course, there's a Victoria bag, too - a polished, squarish shape.
The simplicity of the idea is what deems the work so successful, and it would have perhaps been even better if it hadn't been so aggressively shaped, and if a subtler base had been used in place of the squarish granite block.
He had that dappled, liver chestnut neck and big, squarish head.
It also rides well, be it over concrete road joints, squarish bumps or unexpected troughs, especially at slower speeds.