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He had that dappled, liver chestnut neck and big, squarish head.
It also rides well, be it over concrete road joints, squarish bumps or unexpected troughs, especially at slower speeds.
Where can I find stainless steel ones with a squarish shade.
Her face is bloated and squarish, and her skin droops in big folds that doctors plan to pare away as her circulation improves and her nerves grow, animating her new muscles.
For Aoecho boomersAo and AomillennialsAo born from 1980 to 1990, beautiful is counter-intuitively clumsy, affectedly unsleek, modular and angular, as in Wi-Fi consoles, iPhones and the large, squarish heads of the Jonas Brothers.
Abdominal sternite VII with plica and fissure; plica rectangular, narrowed; fissure with inner margin overlapping; gonocoxae I subtriangular, enlarged anteroposteriorly; paratergite VIII triangular, small, with spiracle visible; paratergite IX squarish, conspicuously larger than paratergite VIII.
It's squarish, it costs $60; its lustrous matte-black cover displays a spotlit pas de deux pair (Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith) reaching upward from the title ("san francisco ballet at seventy-five"), which is printed in toney lower case.
Was to watch her take off her large, black, Squarish, thatched, and
An oval aperture reveals the face, bust, and arms, with khadga in the right hand and a squarish khetaka in the left (figure 4).
Here are some other squarish examples I've come across in my travels.
Indeed, the three towers have less in common visually than 7 World Trade Center and the design for the Freedom Tower, which both were designed by SOM architect David Childs and share similar looking glass facades, clean and simple lines, and the presence of massive squarish sheathed pedestals upon which they both rise.
I came to a clearing, a squarish lump of snow, a muddy patch and heap of oats.