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THE ROOM We stayed in one of the Courtyard Rooms in HOTEL inspector a country style, with tweed bed hangings and a couple of matching squashy armchairs.
MARSHMALLOW No, sadly, munching on those squashy sweet treats won't give you perfect skin.
If the space in your home does not lend itself to a sofa, you can always make use of an eclectic collection of individual chairs, provided they give those sitting on them the same creature comforts as a squashy sofa.
It will be their task to ensure that all our equipment is fun and exciting for children of all ages; this includes toddlers, as the Wacky Warehouse will also boast a safe toddler-friendly area with squishy, squashy shapes for little ones.
My brothers and sisters ate theirs in seconds but I saved mine - of course it went black and squashy.
Big and squashy, they're designed for your child to slouch into and cuddle.
On the menu The restaurant serves up posh locally-sourced dishes while the bar, with its squashy sofas, is more casual with burgers and salads at the pounds 12 mark.
By day this friendly caf throngs with lounging students and arty types sinking into squashy couches and devouring a delicious menu which includes home-made scones, cakes and snacks.
The White Hart Inn has Swedish owners and an Italian pizza chef, not to mention higgledy-piggledy staircases, lopsided bedroom walls, large, squashy beds and a fantastic location in the middle of Winchcombe.
The dining area is off to the left, facing the bar, and there is a lounge area complete with huge squashy leather sofas - perfect for relaxing over a drink and a perusal of the menu.
Buy fruit from a greengrocer you know won't rip you off with punnets containing squashy fruit under a few good-looking berries.