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We however were staying in the attached but private apartment which came with a roaring fire, squashy sofas and an excellent kitchen.
And inside, the rustic rooms with wooden floorboards, nooks and crannies and squashy sofas make it the perfect place to unwind in a completely unstuffy atmosphere.
49), with squashy, ripe red cherry and blackcurrant fruits and seam of vanilla oak.
As we age, the crystalline lens, which sits behind the cornea and acts like a zoom, stiffens from a squashy gel-like substance to a fixed structure," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.
It comes packed with a pretty watering can, a pink spring birdfeeder, pink and purple twine, moo gloves, lavender garden incense, gardening clogs and a wonderfully soft and squashy lilac garden kneeler.
Legroom front and rear is seriously generous and the 480-litre boot swallows endless cases and squashy bags.
Lucy - the baby of the family - is a squashy bundle of mischief who just can't keep still.
Both drinks are packaged in squashy pouches to appeal more to children and to fit easily into lunchboxes.
Called a Bagel Bed, this velvety round cushion has a squashy center pillow instead of a hole.
Texture and colour are applied with abandon--the audience snuggles down in plush silver velvet seats with squashy latex arms, private boxes have doors of padded gold lurex, and the smaller auditorium, which can seat 350, is lined with panels of perforated plywood stained oxblood red.
Zuber said one benefit to suppliers and retailers alike is that the average unit sale for feather pillows is larger than for synthetic fills, "because you get this big, sloppy and squashy feel to it you can sell," said Zuber.
Your own touches are crucial - after all, Bohemia means artistic, so feel free to experiment with gorgeously unusual pictures, squashy cushions and a variety of throws to create your own personal drama.