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An individual who settles on the land of another person without any legal authority to do so, or without acquiring a legal title.

In the past, the term squatter specifically applied to an individual who settled on public land. Currently it is used interchangeably with intruder and trespasser.

See: habitant


see SQUAT.

SQUATTER. One who settles on the lands of others without any legal authority; this term is applied particularly to persons who settle on the public land. 3 Mart. N. S. 293.

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The company recently completed an expensive, four-year legal battle to wrest the federal trademark registration for "Japonais" from a trademark squatter here in the U.
In the Dharavi squatter community of Mumbai, the area was originally a dumping ground near the ocean and the land was characterized by "marshy conditions and poor drainage," with Mahim Creek running through the neighborhood as an open sewer that "simply put .
Running for Mayor of Vancouver, Larry Campbell promised the squatters he would turn the old Woodwards store into affordable housing.
Nevada State Bank has come out swinging against the squatters.
However, level of education of women who live in squatter housing is lower than the level of education of the ones in rural areas.
The squatters registered the Japanese-language names with the Internet's oversight body without the consent of the firms or celebrities, they said.
Summary: Squatters have been kicked out into the cold in central London.
LONDON, January 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday 14th January The Sheriffs Office successfully evicted 30 squatters from a 10 bedroom, GBP10 million house in Broadlands Road in Highgate, North London.
Hundreds of householders in Wales - particularly in the Wrexham area - are having to fork out thousands of pounds to evict the unwanted residents, after a rise of at least 40% in the number of squatters taking over properties.
One former squatter is Swansea anarchist and Class War publisher Ian Bone, once dubbed the "most dangerous man in Britain".
All the owner had to do was build a small wooden house and pay a poor family a pittance to live there and there wouldn't be any squatter problems.