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"But when you squeal you don't state the situation flatly, as I have stated it.
To say the truth, there was a suspicious kind of a grunt in their voices, and, for a long time afterwards, they spoke gruffly, and were apt to set up a squeal.
"For he did claw at himself, and leap about over the ice like a playful puppy, save from the way he growled and squealed it was plain it was not play but pain.
One could not stand and watch very long without becoming philosophical, without beginning to deal in symbols and similes, and to hear the hog squeal of the universe.
There were high squeals and low squeals, grunts, and wails of agony; there would come a momentary lull, and then a fresh outburst, louder than ever, surging up to a deafening climax.
Neither squeals of hogs nor tears of visitors made any difference to them; one by one they hooked up the hogs, and one by one with a swift stroke they slit their throats.
He lay down and waited, while the porcupine grated its teeth and uttered grunts and sobs and occasional sharp little squeals. In a little while, One Eye noticed that the quills were drooping and that a great quivering had set up.
As we approached them they sniffed our unfamiliar scent and with squeals of rage circled about us.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 1 (ANI): As a squeal to the FIRs registered by the Uttar Pradesh Police, Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday registered an Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR) against Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Azam Khan.
Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), who was sent to Washington to make em squeal, joined Stuart Varney this morning to discuss her latest efforts to save Iowans tax dollars and cut unnecessary government spending.
Hot steel on steel, as breaks they squeal, du dum du dum, du dum du dum.
They need to give us a rush of excitement when we buy them in store and let us squeal in delight when they drop on the doormat if bought online.