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Kirsty, six, squealed with delight as her hero David and wife Victoria walked into the glittering bash near Manchester last night.
Maybe the first squirrel who squealed in alarm created such pandemonium that a predator had a frenzy of scurrying targets to choose among.
That's outrageous," he squealed and squealed and squealed.
And unlike the bunny, Lily snorted and squealed a lot.
But one clear morning out alone a rabbit shot refused to die pierced me with its high-pitched squeals and shrieks no bullets left I used my hands but couldn't seem to break the neck it squealed and squealed I bashed its head against a rock it wouldn't stop the screams tore viciously ripped through my hard-won shell but the creature died and I forgot kept on shooting, became a better shot I could not let a rabbit make me soft