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The final enigma spawned by I, a Squealer eclipses all others.
We are absolutely thrilled with the results of Great Taste and are particularly pleased with our highest achieving pie, the Chicken & Ham Pork Pie Squealer that received two stars.
Squealer, holding down a long strip of paper with his trotter, would read out to them lists of figures.
I sigh, wonder why he's got a tablecloth wrapped around his head and dread the day that she becomes a squealer with inappropriate crushes.
FBI guy Ray Liotta keeps tabs on hitmen headed for Las Vegas squealer Jeremy Piven (above).
You may want to try a coyote howler, a fawn bleat, or a rabbit squealer to bring the tricky canids close to you.
Blitstein wrote a new play Squealer which was the company's first official production as Lesser America.
Keep Aur Baggage with You (at all times) and Squealer, a pair of Jonathan Blitstein plays that Talbott directed for the fledgling company Lesser America, centered on the disintegration of a long-standing friendship and a backwoods lothario's destructive romance with both a mother and her teenage daughter.
Alongside the comedy, this year's lineup includes Britain's Got Talent band BluJam from Billingham, The Beer Pigs, Fat Medicine and Squealer.
Consider the words we use to describe someone who informs on another's misdeeds: Fink, informant, rat, snitch, squealer, stool pigeon, and tattletale are just a few of the synonyms for whistleblower cited in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.
Orwell would have immediately recognized that Ives, as if he were a benign Squealer altering "The Seven Commandments of Animalism" with a few swabs of his paintbrush, proceeds to whitewash the hobo hymn of much of its racier street slang and hobo underworld coloration.
And whatever the villagers said, the authorities heard through the ear of Alexa Iuga, a villager from Dobricu Lapusului whom everybody knew as an informer for the Securitate: a kind of official local squealer.