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In fact, there is a frequent use of squealers by the warden and security officers (8).
Imagine what very different outcome would have occurred in the fairy tale of the Three Little Pigs had the dim-witted squealers followed building codes to the tee.
The president has offered rewards leading to the arrest of killers but 'to date there have been no takers--because apparently squealers live very short lives in the Philippines'.
Originally the committees had some sway over rations in the chronically short-of-supply countries, but even when their economies approached brain death and rationing broke down, there were no shortages of squealers, for precisely the reasons Funder listed--the bong buzz that some people get out of sticking it to a neighbor.
I thought the turkeys were loud, but these champion squealers beat them every time.
This gives corrupt officials even more of an incentive to suppress and intimidate potential squealers, further bottling up discontent and creating pressure for a greater future explosion.
The SohoSquare squealers know that this is one trip England supporters - even the well-behaved-- should not be allowed to make.
Many of you squealers will go for the guest appearance by Pop Idol Will Young.
Cheaters and squealers will both get what's coming to them.
Will probably be recruited by MI5, which seems to employ lots of squealers.