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edu/animals/screaming-hairy-armadillo) squealing hairy armadillos were recommended to be bread by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Screaming Hairy Armadillo Species Survival Plan, the Smithsonian said.
Eigenvalue with a positive real part indicates an unstable squealing mode.
Mom still hasn't let zoo staffers get close enough to get a good look at her live cub, but it was squealing throughout and appears to be doing well, Baker-Masson said.
Never use "belt dressing" to silence a squealing belt.
I know sports coaches typically hammer home the importance of the follow-through when hitting shots, but I didn't realise that advice applies to squealing too.
Summary: Competitors were out to impress the judges during this year's pig squealing championships in South West France.
Gobblers can't resist the realistic breeding calls of the new Squealing Hen Call from Hunter's Specialties.
John Tarrant, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told the court that on October 14, 2006, police were called to the woodland where they heard dogs and a loud squealing noise which he said was the squeal of a badger.
But even from our little box perched above all this madness we were able to make out the sounds of pigs squealing as if they were being roasted alive.
The homeowner, who has not been officially identified, grabbed a pistol and shot both intruders, killing Mincey and sending Cox fleeing, the tires on his getaway cars squealing as he left the area.
Here are some of the ten stories that explore the dark side of human nature: "Singing My Sister Down," about a civilization that uses the tar pits to slowly execute criminals; "Sweet Pippit," in which elephants revolt after their sweet trainer Pippit is jailed; "Earthly Uses," where angels have voices "like a sheep flock, scattering in panic, the big ewes baying, the lambs squealing, all in the same sound" and iron wing claws.