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Neither squeals of hogs nor tears of visitors made any difference to them; one by one they hooked up the hogs, and one by one with a swift stroke they slit their throats.
And now was one to believe that there was nowhere a god of hogs, to whom this hog personality was precious, to whom these hog squeals and agonies had a meaning?
They don't waste anything here," said the guide, and then he laughed and added a witticism, which he was pleased that his unsophisticated friends should take to be his own: "They use everything about the hog except the squeal.
Everything had happened at once--the blow, the counter-blow, the squeal of agony from the porcupine, the big cat's squall of sudden hurt and astonishment.
But when you squeal you don't state the situation flatly, as I have stated it.
To say the truth, there was a suspicious kind of a grunt in their voices, and, for a long time afterwards, they spoke gruffly, and were apt to set up a squeal.
In addition to their high-pitched squeals and hairy carapaces, the armadillos have some other quirky traits.
From Figure 4 we can find that the brake squeals occur at 1.
However, the squeal data indicate that most of the squeal occurs during the burnish cycle and not so many squeals after the burnish cycle.
There were plenty of squeals on the bus, as Chiller (Shiverpool artistic director Lucy Carew) and Mary (actor Elizabeth Major) engineered some ghoulish goings-on to delight - and confuse - office workers and shoppers.
When they bite down hard the littermate squeals, which startles the biting pup enough to let go.
Azarenka follows through with her squeals to a dramatic extent.