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Praise everybody, I say to such: never be squeamish, but speak out your compliment both point-blank in a man's face, and behind his back, when you know there is a reasonable chance of his hearing it again.
He seemed to think it was eminently proper to be squeamish if the word meant disgust at Falk's con duct; and turning up his eyes sentimentally he drew my attention to the horrible fate of the victims --the victims of that Falk.
If you are squeamish and moral, Ned, console yourself with the reflection that at the very worst your fortune-hunting can make but one person miserable or unhappy.
Appropriate as I had developed a liking for margaritas the previous evening and was feeling squeamish.
The Dubliner later clarified that the people were a bit squeamish about some of his routine.
Loosely based on Philip K Dick''s short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, this is fast, furious and very enjoyable - but not for the squeamish.
Many people are unnecessarily squeamish about Neti pots and nasal irrigators.
They say "The Lib Dems aren't a grown-up party, but a collection of middle-class odds and sods, and those too squeamish, silly or selfish to join one of the two great alternatives" - Labour MP Austin Mitchell, describing joining the Lib Dems with the Tories as like 'merging a Brownie pack with the Brigade of Guards'.
RACING fans, at least those who aren't squeamish, will get to see a close-up view of the anatomy of a racehorse tonight when the programme 'Inside Nature's Giants: Racehorse' is broadcast on Channel 4.
Well, probably a way with people and not being squeamish are a couple of pretty important ones - so no wonder Doc Martin struggles
At least Michelle and Samantha had the good grace to look slightly squeamish.
Thankfully the client we were working for is far less squeamish than I am and managed the whole drama really well so, thankfully, I still have all my fingers intact.