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The biggest challenge, said fellow student Ceri Watkins, was to conquer consumer squeamishness.
It would be a sin if squeamishness prevented us from obtaining that information.
She added: "I have never seen a squeamishness about going after perpetrators.
Yet, such is the squeamishness in the "sky is falling'' social media that the Red Sox front office played it safely and chose to delete it within a matter of minutes.
Two 14-year-old girls volunteered at this year's cleaning station, clubbing, gutting and bagging fish without a hint of squeamishness.
If squeamishness is the issue, consider asking her to come with you when you blood trail a deer.
near his end, as close as my squeamishness could dare.
I suspect it all comes down to public squeamishness when confronted with horse deaths and the negative publicity that results.
"Squeamishness should not put us off, as it is important that we get our affairs settled whilst we are still able to do so."
That's according to Tim Wooldridge, who runs Tim's for Fish in Wrexham's Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre He said more of his customers were losing their squeamishness for the wild stuff and trying out game like pheasant, rabbit and venison.
The official squeamishness over headline foreign performances was heightened when Iceland's Bjork closed a 2008 Shanghai show by shouting "Tibet!" at the end of her song, "Declare Independence."
Although it is good for credit unions to be on alert, given the GOP's squeamishness on anything related to taxes, the House-Senate committee aimed at cutting spending probably won't tinker with taxes.