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Although it is good for credit unions to be on alert, given the GOP's squeamishness on anything related to taxes, the House-Senate committee aimed at cutting spending probably won't tinker with taxes.
What I detest about the UK is that there is a certain middlebrow squeamishness in the population and it would rather destroy an entire revolution and keep a country in a dictatorship than risk being blamed for the tiniest thing.
Answering a question on the death toll due to the Egyptian revolution, Assange said: "What I really detest about the UK is there is a certain mid-brow squeamishness in the population.
Nevertheless, squeamishness aside, having an itchy bottom is something nobody wants, even for 20 seconds.
If we really got over the squeamishness of eating scorpions and dung beetles, insects could be profitably farmed on a massive scale.
But if you get past your initial squeamishness, you'll find that it's a beneficial resource that can safely take the place of tap water for household tasks like flushing a toilet or watering a lawn.
There are some aspects of history ignored because they invoke a bit of squeamishness.
Of course blue-collar communities throughout America, untainted by such squeamishness, commonly rip apart a live animal in the town square on a Friday night, smear themselves with its blood, and devour the meat raw rather than forming minced patties called "hamburgers" to be tossed on a charcoal brazier, a practice pervasive among liberal-arts faculties.
Although Bowersock alludes to this central point, his insistence that Dover still represents the "gold standard" of scholarly understanding of the topic reflects a certain squeamishness in coming to terms with homosexual realities both ancient and modern.
Rose tries to be brave but neither she nor Norah ever really gets over the squeamishness.
Though acknowledging Western squeamishness regarding attacking terrorists who hide amongst the civilian population, Radu maintains that it is a problem that Western militaries have faced and will again confront repeatedly when fighting Middle Eastern terror groups.
This squeamishness about the consequences of one's own actions may seem disingenuous, but it is an honest expression of how people in the entertainment business think.