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The ability to spread out and relocate the children's books and materials to a separate basement area would take the squeeze off the adult materials, which Ms.
Caused by a warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean, El Nino tends to bring rains to South America, while La Nina, caused by a cooling of those same waters, tends to squeeze off rainfall.
In rapid-fire strings of five shots in 10 seconds, most shooters would squeeze off all five on one sustained breath.
Designed to control steel anodeless riser breaks remotely, the C165 Squeeze Off tool is keeps the operator a safe distance from the damage point.
I managed to squeeze off two frames as the tower began to mushroom before having to run for cover as it came down.
Among the suggestions: lowering giant plastic pillows to the seafloor and filling them with oil, dropping a huge block of concrete to squeeze off the flow and using magnetic clamps to attach pipes that would siphon off the leaking oil.