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That squeeze play on traditional players will be complicated by the emerging roles for financial-services firms in consumer-directed health plans: first, as cooperators and allies offering debit cards (and other tools) for defined-contribution accounts (as MasterCard already does); but second, as potential competitors seeking more of the space.
Throughout, Canada's and Quebec's armed bullies have been backed up by a public relations strategy which rivals the squeeze play Mulroney executed so brilliantly during the Meech Lake crisis.
Yankees manager Dallas Green put on the suicide squeeze play and both runners broke on the pitch.
Krul will stand in the D and holler at his back four to push up, squeeze play and the opposition.
Jordan Smith singled on a squeeze play, Bill O'Donnell and Kyle Stanley doubled, Tim Beaudette tripled, and Pajka homered.
Bennett Chiongbian's squeeze play put the Challengers ahead in the seventh inning after entering down 5-4.
This is a squeeze play when casino owners bring people to the streets for rallies," the Prime Minister said.
color) The Dodgers' Matt Kemp slides safely into home plate Wednesday on a squeeze play as Cincinnati catcher Paul Bako loses the ball.
The offensive, dubbed Operation Squeeze Play, came as the American military announced that five US soldiers were killed in northern Iraq on Sunday - four in separate roadside bomb attacks and one in a vehicle accident.
Lori Wallach's connections vividly illustrate the extent to which the global elitists and street radicals are allied in a squeeze play against the middle class, the free market and national independence.
We are determined to play with a high tempo, start high and squeeze play when Colchester have possession.
Why do you move up in the batter's box on a squeeze play or sacrifice bunt?