squeeze together

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Tip all the ingredients into a bowl with a good pinch of salt and squeeze together with your fingers.
The Savannah dining set comes with three chairs and a bench and allows guests to squeeze together without the space limitations that chairs have.
As the muscle contracts, the pillars squeeze together, creating a displacement that researchers can measure and convert to mechanical force.
Put simply, if you have a lot of people and you want to click a group photo, you usually ask them to squeeze together or you move back.
Dip your finger into a cup of water, and lightly dampen the edges of the puff pastry, then squeeze together.
A Cebu Pacific security guard and employee had to tell us queuing passengers to sort of squeeze together so we would not encroach on the area reserved for passengers checking in for other airlines (there were no flights nor passengers for the other airlines).
Don't sleep on your side because wrinkles |form as your boobs squeeze together.
When current is applied along the wires, sections the meshworm's body squeeze together and inch it forward.
Melt the butter in the microwave and pour into the biscuit crumbs, squeeze together and allow to cool.
In this case, scraps of continental-type crust, possibly island arcs newly formed at sea, could raft against cratons to thicken them or, in Jordan's view, cratons themselves could squeeze together and thicken.
This makes the particles squeeze together as more particles are added, making them flow more slowly, but delaying the point at which it solidifies, giving it a more glasslike behavior.
MEATBALLS Method: To make the meatballs, place all the ingredients into a bowl and using your hands, squeeze together.