squeezed together

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Whereas I now found Barnard to be a disembodied spirit, or a fiction, and his inn the dingiest collection of shabby buildings ever squeezed together in a rank corner as a club for Tom-cats.
His eyes were yellow and muddy, as though Nature had run short on pigments and squeezed together the dregs of all her tubes.
Through the very thickest of the press, over dead bodies and burning fragments, now on the pavement, now in the road, now riding up a flight of steps to make himself the more conspicuous to his party, and now forcing a passage through a mass of human beings, so closely squeezed together that it seemed as if the edge of a knife would scarcely part them,--on he went, as though he could surmount all obstacles by the mere exercise of his will.
Almost all Madame Lippevechsel's lodgers had streamed in from the inner rooms of the flat; at first they were squeezed together in the doorway, but afterwards they overflowed into the room.
The pigments are spread out to show their colour, or squeezed together to make the cell clear.
In the boat somewhere in the Mediterranean, the harraga can sing; men and women squeezed together can dream.
More often than not, we see big families squeezed together on a single motorbike, putting them at risk and even more so if they don't have reliable tyres installed.
But they are so tightly squeezed together that you can't tell who said it.
It's tight in the Championship The Championship table is an interesting one this time, with a big group of teams squeezed together.
At the same time, India, just after China, has the world's second largest human population, at 1.3 billion, and the people and tigers are getting squeezed together.
Keeping your legs squeezed together, lift both heels a couple of inches so you're standing on your toes.
A comic postcard from about 1925 shows passengers squeezed together in a tram.