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The second squeeze was performed using a hydraulic squeezer located at approximately 600 mm (24 inches) from the electro fusion coupling at the other end of the test assembly and at 300 mm (12 inches) from the first squeeze location.
Kincaid and Trout have made prototypes of steel and of aluminum, and they estimate that the squeezer could be manufactured at a reasonable cost.
I will grant you the word that is taken for granted: this turban a tangerine, a snooker table, say, with six suspensory bandages, the lemon squeezer in the men's urinal.
No longer does one have to travel all the way to France to get their hands on the elegant individual lemon squeezer made famous by France's oldest restaurant, La Couronne in Rouen (est.
uk -this retro lemon squeezer which is being launched this month as part of its new spring/summer collection.
The difficult impeller was produced in a squeezer mold using an open riser fed by a large overhead mass of molten metal.
Other items under scrutiny include a watch and Marilyn Monroe''s lemon squeezer.
In the cathedra's northern hall, an entrance leading to the service area was discovered where a grape squeezer and a skeleton of a human who died of torture were found.
Halve the pomegranates and, using a lemon squeezer, squeeze out the juice into a separate jug.
The most underused range from a designer lemon squeezer at pounds 40 a pop to breadmakers and milk-frothers.
Almost no one would want to go back to the days of Denis Healey, the would-be pip-squeaking squeezer of the rich.
The fallen gameshow host pretended to be a gynaecologist, got out of bed to talk to a cactus and used a lemon squeezer to vandalise a portrait of the Queen.