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and there's Muller love' theme in its first TV campaign for new Corner Squeezers, a handheld version of the yogurt megastar brand.
However, the debut of Corner Squeezers follows the failure of its Organic range.
This stands in stark contrast to a video the Chenoweths keep that depicts the foundry four years ago - the sand stored in a huge pile on the floor where a Bobcat would pick it up and load it onto the conveyor, not to mention the usual sand dunes around each squeezer station.
95 each, served with lovely tartar sauce and some memorably-nifty lemon squeezers.
At Christmas my sisters got everything they asked for but I got things like jugs or lemon squeezers.
You know, Philippe Starck - the guy who came up with those over-priced chrome lemon squeezers that look like phallic spaceships landing.
We have had the cappuccino effect, now we will have the John Lewis effect as the brand that appeals to people who crave Dualit toasters, Alessi kettles and Philippe Starck lemon squeezers moves in.
Playful modernity meets classic design with these lemon squeezers, starting at pounds 19
Whipple first began nabbing miscreant toilet-roll squeezers.
Rolled out at 100 Hyatt location lounges last month, the program features libations that are prepared partially behind the bar, then finished at the guest's table with servers squeezing fresh fruit juices using squeezers designed by renowned mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim.
Operations continued on the squeezers and the newly-expanded nobake line, but production was going to take a hit.
Carlsbad, CA, has launched Coromega Child Brain and Body Lemon-Lime Squeezers, a high DHA omega 3 supplement for children.