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The family-run, 95-employee shop, which had been in business since 1953, was doing well with its five squeezer lines, 15year-old automatic, flask-less molding machine and nobake molding room.
Rita's Squeezers were successfully test marketed in 2004 at locations in Northampton, Lehigh, Schuylkill, Carbon and Monroe Counties in Pennsylvania and Warren County in New Jersey.
Eventually, Devereaux said, Amco plans to add new designs and materials to the line, but won't change the classic juice squeezers, discovered on the beach by Utensils of Mexico founder San White.
Jel Sert, which markets Flavor Aid and Wyler's powdered soft drink mixes; Pop Ice, Fla-Vor-Ice, Otter Pops and Wyler's Italian Ice freezer pops; and Mondo Fruit Squeezers aseptic fruit drinks, last year rolled out sugar-free Wyler's Lite in lemonade, cool raspberry and pink lemonade varieties, sugar-free Fla-Vor-Ice Lite, and tangerine Flavor Aid.
As they get starred on their path, the Fieldses, like Squeezers all across the nation have lessons to learn and investment strategies to master, One very important thing they're discovering is how to best tailor a portfolio that meets their preferences and style.
Spokeswoman Alexandra Kavanagh said yesterday: "We're launching them here because the French are not a nation of bag squeezers.
Created at the request of the exemplary Italian product manufacturer, Alessi, its unifunctional design offers little or no advantage over traditional squeezers.
These peanut butter and jelly combo pouch packs are the newest product in the SQUEEZERS line--which already includes single, shelf-stable pouches of creamy peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter, cheddar cheese spread, and jalapeno cheese spread.
Now, thanks to a new American distribution company, Lemon Squeezers, LLC, this sophisticated citrus squeezer is making its debut in kitchens and restaurants all across the United States.
Ferraro is manufacturing shrinking machines, calenders, squeezers, overturn-folding machines, unrolling-folding machines, rope openers and laser engraving to meet the requirements of finishing industry.