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It doesn't have the independent volume and squelch control that we like in the PM1000-series but it does have the same high-quality audio.
It's a challenge to have a living being and not squelch their spirit but allow them to find out who they are without telling them who they are.
Given RICO's potential to squelch dissent, that sort of moral reasoning is not exactly reassuring.
He said the Coughlin selection would squelch charges that the GOP is anti-Catholic.
The antinoise circuitry can squelch sound at frequencies below roughly 1,200 hertz, reducing the noise to as little as one-eighth of its untreated loudness, says Michael A.
The researchers say this spin-flipping so little affected momentum that it shouldn't squelch the atom's wave, according to the uncertainty principle.
Squares, on the other hand, displayed an abiding contentment with their lives that appeared to squelch mood-altering aspirations.
A traditional Chinese herbal medicine, long rumored to squelch alcohol's intoxicating effects, appears to live up to its thousand-year-old reputation.