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You will also be able to find Squelch wellies on sale at the Alnwick Mighty Dub Festival this month, as well as the Glendale Show, in Wooler, on August Bank Holiday Monday.
When did Ukraine's Communist government use mass arrests and tighter restrictions to squelch youth protests?
There is plenty of religious dialogue-and some screaming--in the public square now, and I certainly don't want to squelch it.
Not only are these events evidence of attempts to squelch dissent but they also reveal a level of intense criticism based of a lack of understanding.
Instead, "backpressure" is used to squelch all inbound traffic bound for the same destination to a level where the target can accommodate all requests.
The tug of war between ordinary citizens yearning for democracy and ruthless leaders determined to squelch those aspirations is one of the driving themes behind French's book.
Only prompt intervention can squelch rumors before they are widely accepted as truth.
It features adjustable transmitter output power by channel, scan, and programmable squelch codes.
At the Finish Pavilion, visitors were greeted by the soft squelch of sand underfoot to reinforce (in an appropriately phenomenological way) the exhibition's concern with Africa.
She describes, for example, the dilemma of a black mother caught between not wanting to squelch her child's identity and creativity and not wanting a cop to crack open the child's head because it is adorned with dreadlocks.
So, they set out to squelch the popularity tyranny by running for student council in hopes of enacting change.
An encouraging note to let the pastor know his sermon touched you, or one to the Sunday school teacher who picked an uplifting song, may help squelch burn-out.