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Had he been the chair of the Finance Committee (rather than William Roth)--and had he not vacated a seat that was filled by Phil Gramm--Packwood could have squelched the tax cuts or reduced them significantly.
We believe this market-driven responsiveness to consumer feedback would be squelched by the imposition of highly intrusive and intricate state regulations that would dictate virtually every aspect of the interaction between consumers and the wireless carriers they choose.
Shakespeare has indeed written an entire play full of richly drawn characters, and perhaps Rodenburg is so determined to let every one of them locate every single character nuance -- real or imagined -- that no impulse is squelched.
Two chemical constituents of the extract - daidzin and daidzein similarly squelched alcohol consumption.
They have overregulated interstate banking and squelched healthy competition among different kinds of financial institutions, says King, while letting slide the risky investments that underlie the recent rash of bank failures.
Her determination to fight this injustice is squelched by past experiences that tell her that there is no remedy for discrimination.
Duran's 13th home run of the season pretty much squelched whatever drama South Florida hoped to create in Game 2 of the best-of-three NCAA Super Regional tournament Sunday afternoon at Easton Stadium.
Tinder that his client has a constitutional right to Webcast the execution because vital information to which the public has a clear right would otherwise be squelched.
In May, a federal court squelched Glendale's ordinance prohibiting day laborers from seeking work on street corners.
We find their anxiety over technology is squelched once the retailer sees the results and savings.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's merit pay plan for public school teachers, but recently squelched talks on the matter fearing it would upset unions.