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Miss Squelchy Shoes' monsoon itinerary might seem cluttered, but she would not barter her rainy bliss in Chhattisgarh even for the heavens.
One of the more tame examples: "The Glasses gave off a pungent odour just like the Mersey that was quite stimulating until he came to a squelchy orgasm.
When I have sex my vagina makes loud squelchy noises - as if I'm passing wind.
The water has seemingly evaporated leaving a squelchy, rubbish-strewn swamp.
9 Flying Lotus, "Pet Monster Shotglass," from 1983 (Plug Research) A mutant slice of squelchy synthetic hip-hop from the emerging Los Angeles producer's first album.
Oklahoma's answer to Radiohead fires up the imagination with this melody-driven voyage of sound - jangly guitar, lush strings, squelchy analog synths and curvy bass lines - that only gets better after each consecutive spin.
Water reverts to earth: blue pond to brown to algae, squelchy bog thickens with reeds to wallow, to chughole, fallow and field.
It has a satisfactorily squelchy path, squeaking noises, running water, things to climb on and handle, buttons to press.
The cotton sea heaves, as I make Bombay strides on squelchy mud;
The EP starts with New Town Sheep, a raucous rebuke of Edinburgh's New Town elite howled by Daniel to a pounding beat and squelchy synth.
SPOOKY met squelchy in Sefton Park today as the annual Welly Walk took place in aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
Clarty Cat completed the squelchy 5K course yesterday wearing a Team KB vest in memory of student Kate Bowman.