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Lead single Say Nothing is anthemic,radiofriendly pop and Perfect Replacement thunders along with squelchy synths.
the original machine had "squelchy" rubber keys and is possibly harder to acquire in perfect shape today.
In monsoon, Miss Squelchy Shoes is never destination-confused.
When I have sex my vagina makes loud squelchy noises - as if I'm passing wind.
The water has seemingly evaporated leaving a squelchy, rubbish-strewn swamp.
9 Flying Lotus, "Pet Monster Shotglass," from 1983 (Plug Research) A mutant slice of squelchy synthetic hip-hop from the emerging Los Angeles producer's first album.
Water reverts to earth: blue pond to brown to algae, squelchy bog thickens with reeds to wallow, to chughole, fallow and field.
It has a satisfactorily squelchy path, squeaking noises, running water, things to climb on and handle, buttons to press.
The cotton sea heaves, as I make Bombay strides on squelchy mud;
Looking ahead to hopefully warmer weather, Welly Season at Saltholme will last for the whole of February and when the snow melts, our puddles and even our new mud pit will be fantastically splashy and squelchy.
In this story a family encounters lots of obstacles- a swirling snowstorm, squelchy mud and a gloomy forest- whilst hunting for a bear.
Join the intrepid family of adventurers and their musical dog as they wade through the swishyswashy grass, the splishy-splashy river and the oozy, squelchy mud, in search of a bear, and expect plenty of interaction and a few surprises along the way.