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The indices of thymus, spleen and bursa of fabricius of the experimental chickens, as well as spleen lymphocyte proliferation assay, were investigated to explore the effects of squid ink on immune functions of growing Arbor Acres broilers.
Overall, the Young Scientist's Squid Dissection kit was a good introduction to animal dissection for my sixth grade students.
He said large male squid compete for females by courting them with flashy skin colour-change displays.
Squid Ink recently moved into an expanded corporate building in Brooklyn Park.
During the day, smaller squid inhabit the ocean depths, feeding on plankton, small fish, and each other.
Mate's team suggests that the deepest diving whale was preventing squid from swimming downward to escape.
One possibility with the squid involves whether they are "terminal spawners," a question Hanshumaker said he was researching, which could indicate that the creatures happened to spawn nearby and then came ashore and died.
Alternatively squid may be thinly sliced into rings and used in stir fries, risottos or deep-fried cooked in breadcrumbs, like the calamari you see on holiday.
The only other way to cook squid is to braise it very slowly - you often see braised squid in Chinese restaurants and in slowcooked Mediterranean stews.
One of the scientists leading the examination, Auckland University of Technology squid expert Steve O'Shea, said it was difficult to say how much bigger the monster squid could grow.
Eight chapters cover the following topics: SQUID voltmeters and amplifiers, the magnetic inverse problem, biomagnetism, measurements of magnetism and magnetic properties of matter, nondestructive evaluation of materials and structures using SQUIDs, gravity and motion sensors, and SQUIDs for standards and metrology and geophysical survey and magnetic anomaly detection.
But they recovered from the shock and managed to land this colossal squid - the largest ever caught.