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It'll belch blue smoke until that oil you squirted in there is burned up, but that should clear up in minutes.
Their conclusion, found in the study titled "Nature and Origin of Squirting in Female Sexuality," stated that urine was squirted as an involuntary emission during sexual activity, but there is a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions in some cases.
Unlike traditional toothpastes, this light foamy formula is squirted directly into the mouth, rather than onto the toothbrush.
A THIRD person has been arrested in connection with a house raid in which a terrified woman had liquid squirted into her face and was threatened with a knife.
5 ( ANI ): Kate Upton covers her breasts with her hands, as she has jets of water squirted into her mouth in a sexy new video shoot for a fashion magazine.
POLICE are appealing for information after a teenager had a unknown liquid squirted in his face before being robbed.
Then I put it in a small mister bottle and squirted it in her eye two times a day, as well.
The stuntman drank milk through his nose and then squirted it up to two metres with his eyes.
TWO drug addicts who squirted a syringe of liquid at a schoolgirl are being hunted by police.
A teenager lost his temper with a 10-year-old boy who squirted him with water - and shot him in the back.
SHOPKEEPERS' lives were put at risk after yobs squirted petrol into the doorways of two stores last night.
A FOOLISH prank between friends in which one driver squirted a fire extinguisher into another's face ended with an eight-month youth custody sentence yesterday.