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CCTV footage of the alleged moment Adam Cech squirted acid over a boy at the Home Bargains store in Worcester
He is charged with wounding David Jonathan Burgess, with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm, amid allegations that he was squirted with fuel, and was stabbed.
We were called at 8.20pm on Friday to Merthyr Road after liquid had been squirted at people from a black BMW.
"We carried on walking along the path towards them but as soon as they got level, I had something squirted into my face.
A POSTMAN has been banned from delivering to a street after he took revenge on a five-year-old who squirted him with a water pistol.
A MAN is in hospital after a mystery liquid was squirted into his face.
Northumbria Police said: "A 57-year-old man was walking in Helmsdale Avenue when he was approached by a man who shouted at him and squirted a liquid into his face.
The oil you squirted into those cylinders will come flying out.
But when the fluid that was squirted was analysed, it showed mixed results.
Unlike traditional toothpastes, this light foamy formula is squirted directly into the mouth, rather than onto the toothbrush.
5 ( ANI ): Kate Upton covers her breasts with her hands, as she has jets of water squirted into her mouth in a sexy new video shoot for a fashion magazine.