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A police source said later four people ( the water squirter and his camera crew ( had been arrested and were being investigated in relation to an alleged assault.
Bradley doesn't eat Coco-Pops he eats Spider-Man Coco Pops (free plastic Squirter in every packet).
The appeal of the new Sesame Street Water Squirter is likely to wear thin with adults and pets - the most likely targets of this unusual squirt gun - but kids will love it.
There's also a kids pool, water squirter, theatrical stage and a soft ice cream and juice bar just for little ones.
If you push a dent in the bottle and then lower its squirter into the basin, it will suck-up water, orchestrated by a vulgar rasp of the sort, whose sudden and zestful release would be deemed an infelicitous accompaniment to the satin-lined coffin of the council's solemnly-gartered chief executive, as it passes your pew in church.
Older children will get a kick out of the Power Rangers Mega Meteor Squirter ($7.
Submerge the book to fill the squirter and then squeeze it for a gentle spray.
Our testers added fresh juice from the penguin squirter to make their slushes, but in most cases not enough to make up one portion.
WHEN he was laying the sausage and the onions in the hot dog roll, before his strong hands reached for the ketchup squirter, the man didn't look like a rock star of the celebrity magazines.
Mikey's Shell Squirter - It looks like Michelangelo's hard green shell, but surprise - just add a water supply and push the plunger
Little Kids' SpongeBob SquarePants(TM) Sea Foam Sprayer and Water Squirter magically turns water and tearless baby shampoo into soft and sudsy foam.
THE Flying Squirter and Shopzilla, a shopping version of Monopoly, were just some of the bright ideas for games that emerged from a brainstorming day when staff from one of the UK's leading financial firms met inner city pupils.