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Llanishen Leisure Centre has fun water squirters and a wave pool.
Shouldn't Cllr Bradley tur n his newly-endorsed municipal squirter on this problem
A police source said four people - the water squirter and his camera crew - had been arrested.
The appeal of the new Sesame Street Water Squirter is likely to wear thin with adults and pets - the most likely targets of this unusual squirt gun - but kids will love it.
35, for which he gets the choice of a free Naboo Fighter, Darth Maul's Sith Speeder, a Gungan Sub Water Squirter or a Watto Pop-Up Figure.
99) Ten side-splitting Trashie tricks, full of hilarious gags, including Trashie Trick Gun, goofy Trashie Gnashers, Bin squirter, Trashie Turd and Trashie Trump Whoopee Cushion.
There's also a kids pool, water squirter, theatrical stage and a soft ice cream and juice bar just for little ones.
If you push a dent in the bottle and then lower its squirter into the basin, it will suck-up water, orchestrated by a vulgar rasp of the sort, whose sudden and zestful release would be deemed an infelicitous accompaniment to the satin-lined coffin of the council's solemnly-gartered chief executive, as it passes your pew in church.
A police source said later four people ( the water squirter and his camera crew ( had been arrested and were being investigated in relation to an alleged assault.
Older children will get a kick out of the Power Rangers Mega Meteor Squirter ($7.
Submerge the book to fill the squirter and then squeeze it for a gentle spray.
Our testers added fresh juice from the penguin squirter to make their slushes, but in most cases not enough to make up one portion.