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In order to supply the squirters, a larger dual-gerotor oil pump is used in concert with a larger dry sump system.
Even when ISR was able to follow the squirters, it was often difficult to maneuver an element over land to intercept them.
Splash Landings Hotel is built around the Cariba Creek water park and the giant flume, squirters and pipe rides kept our boys and the good lady happy for hours.
We're celebrating the launch of the collectable Finding Nemo swimmers and squirters you'll find in special packs of Frosted Shreddies, Cheerios and Golden Nuggets.
The squirters feature an ``easy-grip'' trigger so even 18-month-old boys and girls will find it easy to take potshots at mom.
The tasting room was festooned with merchandise of every possible imaginable price and concept; we felt as if we had stumbled into Bloomingdale's and that instead of perfume squirters we had wine floggers attacking us.
By then, Americans had already purchased 2 million Jaws tumblers, half a million Jaws T-shirts, and tens of thousands of Jaws posters, beach towels, bike bags, blankets, and hosiery, as well as shark costumes, costume jewelry, hobby kits, iron-on transfers, board games, charms, pajamas, bathing suits, water squirters, shark's-tooth pendants, inflatable sharks .
Items in the collection, range in price from $3 to $29 and include a Pull-Apart Shape Sorter, ABC Wood Blocks, a Bath Boat with Squirters, Easy Grab Assorted Wood Puzzles, and a 5-in-1 Learning Cube.
The LSA has integral piston oil squirters to keep crown temperatures in check; an intercooler mounted atop the engine under an acoustic engine cover; a single-unit intercooler and a 9.
Now the federal government is prosecuting him for obscenity based on two pictures, Milk Nymphos and Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice, and a trailer on his website, evilangel.