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Their conclusion, found in the study titled "Nature and Origin of Squirting in Female Sexuality," stated that urine was squirted as an involuntary emission during sexual activity, but there is a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions in some cases.
Ilker Yitmaz, 28, who hopes to be recognized by Guinness World Records for snorting milk up his nose and squirting it 9.
Just in time for Halloween comes the launch of Burton's branded Squirting Skulls, spook, chewy gums with a liquid centre, which bursts through the gum when eaten.
READY: Mehmet prepares to start his record bid; AIM: He begins squirting the milk from his eye; FIRE: Mehmet squirts the milk across the room
For example, Becerra found, squirting Bursera lineages arose simultaneously with beeties whose larvae nip the high-pressure leaf channels and defuse them.
He ran to the car, stuck the muzzle of the gun through the partially rolled-down window, and began squirting the puppies to cool them down.
Naturalists have seen that when one skunk fights with another skunk, neither of them does any squirting.