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Ilker Yitmaz, 28, who hopes to be recognized by Guinness World Records for snorting milk up his nose and squirting it 9.
Just in time for Halloween comes the launch of Burton's branded Squirting Skulls, spook, chewy gums with a liquid centre, which bursts through the gum when eaten.
He ran to the car, stuck the muzzle of the gun through the partially rolled-down window, and began squirting the puppies to cool them down.
That's because a patented silicone valve gives consumers better control when squirting while eliminating the `messy goop' that sometimes forms on the cap, resulting in a neater, more convenient experience.
Director David Boyd said: "The scales are all individually made and there'll be a snake charmer character, riding it and squirting water.
A new study by French researchers looked into a physical reaction of women during ejaculation called squirting.
You behaved in a wholly unjustified way in shouting abuse towards the officer and then squirting at him diluted bleach.
I have seen them messing about with fireworks but to start squirting petrol into places and around doors is crazy.