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TO STAB. To make a wound with a pointed instrument; a stab differs from a cut, (q.v.) or a wound. (q.v.) Russ. & Ry. 356; Russ. on Cr. 597; Bac. Ab. Maihem, B.

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A spokesman for Huddersfield University said their own campus security staff did not wear stab vests, adding: "There is no reason to and we've never had reason for staff to wear stab vests.
The suspect's 28-yearold wife was taken to hospital suffering a stab wound to the neck.
They counted mast cells in and around the edges of the wounds of 64 stab victims.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Police and London ambulance service attended and discovered an 18-year-old male suffering from a stab wound to the torso.
Officers saw two or three males running away from a grassy area and then discovered a man suffering from a stab wound.
Of 148 homicides from stabbing recorded by the Royal London Hospital, 67 had a single, fatal stab wound.
Stab City is a coming-of-age story, JD Salinger style.
On the front of her chest were a series of 12 small stab wounds between 6mm and 9mm in length.
It's better to stab than to be stabbed," says Newman.
A neighbour who called the police said he saw the victim with stab injuries.
More than four hours later, Joel Estrada, 33, and Eric Romero, 43, landed in the hospital with stab wounds in their bodies.
The stab victims, aged 21 and 24, were taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the shopkeeper's son.