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He said about 20 people were at the party when the stabbings occurred.
Just because one knife of the several stabbings were purchased in a supermarket doesn't mean they can't be bought elsewhere," one blogger wrote on Weibo, China's Twitter-like social media platform.
Gilliland said investigators were trying to determine the motive behind the stabbings, which appeared to be random.
A TEENAGER has been arrested by police investigating a double stabbing at a Birmingham shop.
There are potentially hundreds of witnesses, either people who saw the stabbings or the offender leaving the scene, and I'd urge people to get in touch immediately, they could have vital information.
If the current trend continues, police are predicting a decrease in stabbings for the year.
STABBING murders in West Yorkshire rose by 50% last year.
In both West Yorkshire and Northumbria, fatal stabbings rose from ten to 15 and in Lancashire they more than trebled from four in 2006-7 to 13 last year.
A TAKEAWAY worker cleared yesterday of stabbing attacks told a court he had been "set up" by relatives of the Kriss Donald killers.
The grim statistics come as police investigate two stabbings, one fatal, in the region over the weekend.
KNIFE culture has spiralled out of control as hospitals struggle to cope with daily blade and bottle stabbings.
A Eugene woman was charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the stabbings of two men late Thursday, according to Eugene police.