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The 4 coils are connected in series and are powered by the stabilization power supply which is controlled by a correction signal derived from one (or two) fluxgates.
In the United States, the LimiFlex Spinal Stabilization System is an investigational device and is limited by federal law to investigational use only.
This reactive stabilization technology is expected to have its most significant impact in coatings but it is also suited for use with certain plastics via reactive extrusion.
The Stabilization Trust operates the First Look program in hundreds of communities across 40 states and continues to add communities and financial institution partners like Saxon to the program.
Task 6 - posterior stabilization - lateral thoracolumbar-lumbar prosthesis rozkrecalna
Amid ongoing efforts to bring Rent Stabilization Association members the most competitive products available in the marketplace, RSA's tenant screening service, Court & Credit [TM], is now partnering with NTN, Inc.
Multiple extrusion passes in Ge's labs show that HDPE's melt flow remains far more consistent with stabilization.
To be clinically useful, a dynamic stabilization device needs to allow the spine to move, but not move excessively," said Bruce Robie, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development for Applied Spine.
The tender documentation for construction works for stabilization of the landslide will be prepared based on the main design, and the construction works for stabilization of the landslide will be performed in accordance with the main design.
So if you need to dispute a so-called "RSA" charge, don't call the Rent Stabilization Association, don't call the city, but do call the state's Division of Housing and Community Renewal.
Cyanox 1790), to produce in-service stabilization of polyolefins and other polymers.
Patent and Trademark Office on April 20, 2010, claims geometry for a spring based spinal stabilization device including members to mechanically connect the spring to other structural components.

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