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Judge Glaser noted that rent stabilization does not apply to dwellings that are not cooperatives and condominiums and therefore, since the units were no longer co-ops, should go back under the stabilization umbrella.
Under federal law, the stabilization fund has been used to provide the agency with the ability to mitigate costs from stabilizing the corporate credit union system.
Management determined that the premium stabilization reserves, at the date of the financial statements, represented only a contingent liability to the plan.
The 4 coils are connected in series and are powered by the stabilization power supply which is controlled by a correction signal derived from one (or two) fluxgates.
The stabilization on the smallest Canon differs slightly from that on its larger siblings.
For processors that do not require multiple stabilization systems or do not care to utilize the two-component approach, Morton also offers a drop-in replacement.
Reiss, (212) 579-2039, reports $2 million in Ford Foundation awards to Baltimore's National Arts Stabilization (NAS) for research on the impact of stabilization programs on their arts recipients, and grants of more than $1 million in matching funds to five New York City arts groups, including Dance Theatre of Harlem and Alvin Alley American Dance Theater, to help them establish or expand cash reserves or endowments.
At an international meeting in the Netherlands last November, many nations supported stabilization by 2005, but the move failed when the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and Japan did not commit to the plan (SN: 12/16/89, p.
Task 3 - System for minimally invasive spine stabilization in the lumbar region;4.

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