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A wet shoe cannot stabilize the foot as well as a dry one, and the shoe will stretch out prematurely.
Scientists want to know how proteins, emulsifiers and other ingredients stabilize foams and emulsions and the effect of processing on the structure of proteins.
The contract is successive deliveries screw implants to stabilize the spine with the release of the contracting authority with the necessary special tools (instruments) for implantation of the products, gel implants and cement to stabilize the spine, vertebroplasty kits and tooling owned by ordering a high speed drill neurosurgical Microspeed UNI.
The heater takes 8 min to preheat to 350 F before gas is introduced, after which it takes only 2 min more to stabilize the heaters at full operating temperature up to 950 F.
In 1992, 155 nations signed a treaty in Rio de Janeiro pledging to stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases at an unspecified level.
Breaking a string of eight consecutive monthly declines, the National Association of Home Builders/ Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI), which gauges builder sentiment in the single-family housing market, posted a modest one-point gain to stabilize at a level of 31 in October.
The middle base pairs snuggle up under the saddle, helping to stabilize this new DNA configuration, adds Kim.
Using data obtained from such a plot, the researchers can compute how much and when to increase or decrease the cerium and bromate flow rate to stabilize the voltage into a repeating pattern (solid line).
Pantheon and general contractor River Drive Construction will be employing a pioneering new technology to stabilize compressible soil and to support various structures-from large commercial buildings to highway retaining structures-that must be built over it.
Many countries have already announced national commitments to stabilize or reduce emissions.

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