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With the new pugmill plant and our existing Crawford Road plant, we have doubled our monthly production capacity to approximately 160,000 tons per month for the northwest region," said John Conyer, general manager of Cherry's Stabilized Materials Division.
Buyers are all asking me to bring them rent stabilized properties.
STABILIZED WHIPPED CREAM: Sprinkle 2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin over 2 tablespoons cold water in a small heatproof mixing bowl.
With that scenario, you'll probably observe and conclude that: (1) The initial fill-up period to stabilized occupancy doubled from 10 months to 20 months, (2) The sales and marketing budget was not invested in an optimum manner, (3) The required working capital/fill-up reserve has ballooned from approximately $325,000 to $685,000, and (4) The equity investor's annual internal rate of return (IRR)--with a five-year stabilized holding period--decreased from 17.
Only one patient survives from the group, a person in whom the p53 treatment had stabilized the cancer.
The price for a senior executive home in Timmins stabilized at $265,000.
The 1981 Housing and Vacancy Survey of New York showed that those searching for rent stabilized apartments have lower incomes than those already in them.
The increased exposure to 5-FU may explain why 54% (14 of 26) of the end-stage cancer patients, who had measurable disease, were stabilized from 2 to 13 months and 70% (7 of 10) were stabilized at the highest DAVANAT([R])dose level.
During the following quarter the ratio stabilized at 28.
The use of the "Learning to Live the Dream" program and all of the training for the Palmetto Elementary teachers needed to implement it were given to the county free of charge by Stabilized Learning Inc.
8 times (x) for 3Q06, the company's core NOI (which only includes revenues and expenses related to directly owned, stabilized properties) adjusted for recurring capital expenditures covers the company's fixed charges (including interest expense, capitalized interest and preferred dividends), by only 1.
Rent stabilized apartments are an important asset class in New York City.

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