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This present research has shown that size and shape of the nanoparticles are strongly influenced by the stabilizing agents.
This section provides a procedure to determine the complete set of stabilizing PID controllers for the equivalent single loop obtained in Section 2.
The BATF stating you could legally mount a stabilizing brace onto a pistol and shoot it however you wanted immediately led to an explosion of interest.
"The evening after the stabilizing was completed, it rained very hard," said Mehring.
Sn additions from 0.02-0.1% have been advocated to achieve the pearlite stabilizing effect in gray cast iron.
The mystery about air rings lies in the stabilizing function.
The continental governments with new currency systems had to choose between pegging to the gold-backed dollar or stabilizing in terms of sterling.
Patented is an absorbent article comprising a cover layer, a barrier layer and a stabilizing layer with dimensions.
They appear to be very effective at stabilizing the foam structure in bread dough.
In functioning, muscle forces are accelerating, decelerating, or stabilizing your body as it moves.
Furthermore, taking early action provides a better chance of successfully stabilizing emissions and may actually save money in the long run, he argues.
After the die, the Jet Cool internal bubble stabilizing and cooling system is said to enhance uniform gauge tolerance because the bubble is centered over the air ring even at high outputs and thin film gauges.