stable equilibrium

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32] separates the basin of attractions of the two stable equilibria [E.
2] that were associated with mean-square stable equilibria.
In every case, either one or two stable equilibria exist and we observe no evidence of a periodic orbit.
The reason is that, as noted above, there are two locally stable equilibria and the economy will tend to stay wherever it finds itself.
In the case of constant mixing of the system, the IBM produces multiple stable equilibria with domains of attraction that closely match the solutions of the corresponding ODEs, but as with the discrete-grazer model, these multiple equilibria commonly disappear when mixing is removed.
The A communities are all at their low, stable equilibria, and policymaker A must allocate money for prevention.
These analyses have assumed stable equilibria or used functions that produce such equilibria.
At very low values of mortality there are stable positive equilibria, but as adult mortality is increased stable equilibria bifurcate to stable 2-cycles.
Thus, all stable equilibria according to a given theory would become unstable according to that theory and all unstable equilibria would become stable (with some exceptions at the extreme and boundaries).
A well-known feature of nonspatial single-species population models incorporating intraspecific cooperation is the existence of multiple locally stable equilibria (e.
It is a generic characteristic of linear or linearized equations with asymptotically stable equilibria and should therefore be common in ecosystem models.
For these reasons, we shall only describe the stable equilibria in section IV.