stable equilibrium

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Firstly, the stable equilibrium can be used to dominate the stability of the system in a steady-state motion and to estimate the dynamic characteristics in the neighborhood of the equilibrium.
cure], (0,0) is a globally asymptotically stable equilibrium point of system (29).
3) The stable equilibrium point is at the origin when [[delta].
For neutron stars this mass deficit can be as large as 25% [15] but here it increases till 100% above 1 thousand of solar masses (depending on the equation of state) and this can be the mechanism to support stable equilibrium for such objects.
Among the topics are symmetrical multi-petal chaotic attractors in a three-dimensional autonomous system with only one stable equilibrium, catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase voltage-source converters, a chaotic image encryption scheme based on magic cube transformations, the global synchronization of a hyperchaotic system with four wings, and generating multi-scroll attractors from fractal and multi-fractal processes.
The human body maintains a stable equilibrium between cell death and the breakdown of tissue and the regeneration of tissue from stem cells.
A lot of patients who have a stable equilibrium with their graft may destabilize under stress.
The law of gravity dictates that a pendulum will tend to hang vertically in a stable equilibrium.
Figure 1 sketches the stable equilibrium in the space for the exchange rate and tradable prices.
1) Mineral species form and exist within the equivalent of an ecology or habitat: that is, a set of environmental conditions in which they coexist in stable equilibrium with other species.
Let us begin our study by searching for periodic solutions around nonlinearly stable equilibrium from the family [sub.
Every trajectory started in the first quadrant, except those starting with x = 0 or y = 0, will tend toward the stable equilibrium [E.