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The stable isotope ratios of the MA and FP used in the feeding experiments were analyzed after samples were washed with distilled water to remove surface contaminants, including carbonates.
However, unfortunately the only bone stable isotope evidence of Late Mesolithic diet in Scotland comes from Oronsay: a rather unique set of sites and a very small dataset.
Stable isotope analysis, however, provides a diagnostic means of identifying whether or not biodegradation is taking place.
His research focuses on stable isotope studies of natural waters and water-rock interactions.
In this study, we evaluate the usefulness of stable isotope analysis in investigating foraging ecology of 2 northern herbivores, moose (Alces alces) and caribou (Rangifer tarandus), based on predictions derived from the interaction between plant isotopic ecology (Table 1), diet selection of the 2 herbivores, and seasonal changes in nutritional conditions of these 2 species (Figs.
The calibration curves consisted of injected amounts of native amino acids (x-axis) vs the ratio between native amount and fixed amount of the respective stable isotope (y-axis).
As an alternative, measurement of stable isotope ratios has become widely used to define relationships between consumers and their food sources (Peterson & Fry 1987, Michener & Schell 1994, Cabana & Rasmussen 1994), and they have been applied to study foraging, migration and other life history phenomena (Hesslein et al.
The influence of Harry Thode as Canada's first stable isotope geochemist and the father of sulfur isotope geochemistry extended far beyond his research accomplishments.
The effects of succimer on the absorption of lead in adults determined by using the stable isotope [sup.
Boros said, "The purpose of the SiDMAP's analysis of plasma and tissues from GSA3-treated DIO mice that had absorbed a stable isotope glucose tracer was to see if we could further validate Roche's previous findings on the effects and mechanism of action of their potential T2D compound.
com/research/lfn5zr/asiapacific) has announced the addition of the "Asia-Pacific Nuclear Medicine/Radiopharmaceuticals & Stable Isotopes Market[SPECT/PET Radioisotopes (Technetium, F-18)], [Beta/Alpha Radiation Therapy (I131, Y-90)], [Applications (Cancer/Oncology, Cardiac)] & (Deuterium, C-13) - Forecast to 2017" report to their offering.
This appraisal of my group's work makes me feel encouraged to continue the stable isotope work," Flenker said.