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The Poonch River also has many problems for the mahaseer fisheries but still it holds a health and stable population of this fish.
William Bourke of Stable Population Party handling leaflets in the streets
It is believed the cases of TB have fallen because the region has a relatively stable population mix.
Even if we achieve a stable population the current trend for smaller households will require more housing for some time to come.
In order to ensure a stable population growth, we need to bring life to sub-sectors across the emirate," Al Hammadi said.
We also separately estimated adult survivorship, seasonal fecundity, and the average number of nesting attempts required to obtain a stable population ([lambda] = 1) with other vital rates held constant.
A stable population is an important part of a sustainable future, whether you live in northern India or Australia.
They've had a fairly large, stable population for quite a long time," Baker said.
They do not practise good self-healthcare and are not a stable population, so you cannot do follow-up work and get them in for referrals.
Calf survival must be at least 15 percent to maintain a stable population of caribou, and it must be higher than that for the population to grow.
Neoregelia growers are well down the track of converting different species to a look-alike fairly stable population in say 50 years
Scientists have never found archaeological evidence of these first Americans, even though they maintained a stable population for a long period.