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William Bourke, President of Stable Population Party
commits Australia to stronger support for "assisting other countries to achieve stable population, in particular through investments in child and maternal health, education, reproductive health services, and economic empowerment of women.
His ideas on population are based on the dated model of the demographic transition as a transition from a stable population with high fertility and high mortality to an equally stable population with low levels of both.
Most well-off nations have long since slipped below the fertility rate needed simply to maintain a stable population, an average of 2.
The doctors were almost entirely from South Africa and Sri Lanka and were far from a stable population.
We have come a long way in the last decade, with pounds 7bn of investment, 55,000 new jobs created at twice the national average, GCSE attainment now above the national average and a stable population.
They do not practise good self-healthcare and are not a stable population, so you cannot do follow-up work and get them in for referrals.
Calf survival must be at least 15 percent to maintain a stable population of caribou, and it must be higher than that for the population to grow.
Neoregelia growers are well down the track of converting different species to a look-alike fairly stable population in say 50 years
The former CBI Director, said that for all our sakes what would be best was a stable population.