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During the eight years of the study, results showed that women who were stably married or who had gained a partner had better sleep than women who were unmarried or who had lost a partner over the course of the study follow-up.
We purchased the culture media for stably transfected mammalian cells (DMEM and DMEM/F12) from Gibco-BRL (Basel, Switzerland).
Then, in 1968, Ashcroft suggested that if metallic hydrogen could be stably produced, it might behave as a superconductor.
Louis, MO) has patented processes for producing stably transformed fertile wheat a system of transforming wheat via Agrobacterium.
83 trillion yen through market intervention to arrest a sharp rise of the yen in 2004, did not intervene in currency markets in 2005 as the yen moved stably against the U.
With this move, the company aims to stably supply high-quality 2-ethyl hexanoic acid and to become a leading company in the synthetic fatty acid business.
The last offer of JR East shares attracted strong investor demand as it is ''one of the few companies that stably earns a pretax profit of more than 100 billion yen,'' said an official of a major securities company.
In this model, an ice sheet starts off stably frozen to the ground, building up layer upon layer.
The K5 MP3 player is able to stably sit on a flat surface providing the ultimate portable shareable scenario, great for travelers and hotel room entertaining.
They said that both the countries will strengthen financial cooperation to help Japanese firms working in India stably procure local currency funds.
Banco Popolare expects the bond to bring about both short- and mid-term benefits, by helping it raise loans as well as boost capitalisation for a Core Tier 1 ratio stably above 7%.