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The ones where the marking was on the top, were pushed into a separate track and stacked onto one set of forks while the ones with the marking at the bottom were taken forward and stacked in another set of forks.
'An equation for inversion of post-stack seismic data can be concluded: S=1/2WDLp, where S is stacked seismic trace, W is wavelet matrix, D is derivative matrix and Lp is logarithm of P-impedance,' the article pointed out explaining how data is analyzed during post-stack seismic inversion.
MSRP: $199 (stack of four) CONTACT: Stacked Outdoors, 833-782-2536;
Alfalfa, in particular, could be stacked sooner than it could be baled, and that often reduced the loss of leaves.
Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and nanoelectronics research center imec, today presented 3D-COSTAR, a new test flow cost modeling tool for 2.5/3D stacked integrated circuits (ICs).
It was then hauled to a location of the farmer's choice to be stacked in large stacks and later be threshed by the threshing crew.
Stacked IC configurations come in multiple flavors, Pateras said, including 2.5-D and true 3-D, where you have vertically stacked dies interconnected using TSVs.
With the ability to shred up to 60 stacked sheets of paper at one time, the Stack-and-Shred 60X allows users to load a stack of paper, shut the lid and move on, say company officials.
New applications for stacked die include power management, automotive applications, and MEMS applications.
The system palletizes two pallets per minute, each holding nine stacks of cases stacked six high, or 54 cases per pallet.
The new product is able to handle both plastic and wood pallets and capable of palletizing two full pallets per minute, each pallet holding nine stacks of cases stacked 6 high - 54 cases on each pallet.
It often takes more than 10 years for a packaging technology to become mainstream, and the stacked package concept is no exception.