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By improving system capabilities with our advanced stacking solutions, computer OEMs and designers can significantly extend product performance without compromising on reliability.
For example, a system upgrade to a 768 Megabit density can be achieved by stacking one 512 Megabit Mobile RAM device and one 256 Megabit Mobile RAM device together.
This technology is unique in that it provides controlled impedance interconnection and high-speed switching noise decoupling internal to the stack, which will be needed for stacking DDR3 generation DRAMs and beyond.
We believe we are well positioned to meet these challenges as our die stacking technology provides one of the best solutions to achieve both high performance and density.
The intellectual property related to memory stacking was sold to Staktek, Inc.
An important element in our decision to sell DPACs stacking patents to Staktek is DPAC's transition from stacking products to wireless technology.
With our patented High Performance StakPak BGA stacking technology, OEMs using Toshiba's Network FCRAM can double the size of their packet buffers without sacrificing valuable board real estate," said Bill Askins, vice president of worldwide marketing and sales for Staktek.
Europe, Japan and China, are increasingly using both die stacking and package stacking to meet feature and size requirements.
Unlike most sports, Sport Stacking--also known as Cup Stacking or Speed Stacking--isn't dominated by pro athletes.
The MHD III stacker is said to be the only machine on the market today that can be configured for any or all of a number of stacking options.
Cup stacking is the new game in town and phys ed teachers are gearing up so students can play.