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Unlike most sports, Sport Stacking--also known as Cup Stacking or Speed Stacking--isn't dominated by pro athletes.
The MHD III stacker is said to be the only machine on the market today that can be configured for any or all of a number of stacking options.
Pola Metz, executive director of the World Cup Stacking Association, says she knows of about 13 statewide cup-stacking tournaments held last year, in addition to the annual World Cup Stacking Championships, held each spring.
What's unusual about this system is its manner of orienting the lids so that they all face the same way for stacking.
Staktek's TSOP and BGA memory stacking solutions increase operational performance by doubling, tripling or quadrupling the amount of memory in the same physical footprint as required by standard packaging technologies.
Accurate strip stacking of narrow rubber strips has traditionally been a manual function, in order to lay strips into a basket or on a pallet, one or two laborers are required.
First to market was Brampton Engineering, which introduced a stacking die called the Streamlined Coextrusion Die (SCD) three years ago.
Kids love sport stacking with Speed Stacks because it's fast-paced and challenging, and parents love it because it improves hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity and concentration skills.
Implementation of retrofit components can provide a wide range of possible improvements including additional cooling capacity, better slurry coating, better automation of handling and better stacking of milled or extruded rubber product resulting in high accuracy laydown for ease of transportation.
Don't miss the one-hour ESPN telecast of the 2006 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships on August 23rd, 2006.
The latest addition to Staktek's family of Flash-memory stacking products is based on its proven TSOP stacking technologies, which have been deployed in more than 190 million memory products to date.
The addition of stacking capabilities to its switch line is the next logical step for Vitesse and better positions the company for SME applications.