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Its previous backup and recovery capabilities relied on a variety of point products from legacy providers that were so complicated that it took a full-time dedicated IT staff person to manage and troubleshoot the process.
1 Staff person assigned for data privacy and security (57%)
Sabine joins as OK Policy's outreach and advocacy coordinator and as the primary staff person coordinating the Together Oklahoma coalition.
It no longer shows the individual name or desk phone number of the DHS staff person. This was done for security reasons to protect the privacy of our workers.
Working with his staff person, he sets his own calendar.
Does line of sight mean a staff person must be looking at the client all the time, or does it mean a client is simply able to be seen by a staff person?
Another advantage to temporary staffing is that, if an employer only needs a staff person for a few days, a week or any length of time, there are no hard feelings when the job is done and they are no longer needed.
What is the role of a paid staff person to the organization?
During the second phase, or "Search" phase, TSNE's job is to conduct a deep and broad search for the senior staff person as determined by the board.
A staff person apparently thought illegal actions to combat impropriety was the better approach.
The staff person shows up at the door and hooks you up to a fluid IV with optional anti-nausea, anti-heartburn and anti-inflammatory medication.
In the newly created management-level position, McShane will be the lead staff person responsible for promoting the interests of REBNY and its 15,000 members to the media.